Directors Biographies

Kevin Ban – President

Kevin Ban is a physician who lives in Dover with his wife, Caterina, and two children. He believes in civic duty, community service and coaches baseball, basketball and soccer.

“Similar to the gift Amelia Peabody gave Dover when she donated hundreds of acres of hiking terrain, I believe the Dover Greenway will be a legacy long enjoyed by Dover residents. I see the Greenway as an instrument linking distant parts of the town together and one connecting Dover residents to one another through community building.”

Rob Bunn – Treasurerrob bunn pic

Rob Bunn moved to Dover in April, 2011, and lives on Knollwood Drive with his wife, Ginger, and their three sons.  Their home abuts the future Greenway.
“I want to make the Greenway happen for the memories it will make for my family and for the freedom it will give my boys to move through the town safely as they get older.  I can already see my family jumping on the trail and walking to town center for ice cream!”

Marko Zatylny – SecretaryZatylny-Marko-new[1]

“I support the Dover Greenway as a place for my family and yours to spend time in our wonderful outdoor spaces. Our children have enjoyed these trails elsewhere in the state and look forward to having one for our town to benefit all Dover residents.”

Valerie LinVal v3

“I have two young children and we are an active family.  We realized early on that there is limited biking and walking paths for young children in Dover, as well as limited non-motor access to the town center and schools.  I feel very strongly that the Dover Greenway will provide a needed opportunity for keeping families emotionally and physically healthy, as well as providing a sense of community/neighborhood for Dover residents.”

Greg DePaolaGreg photo

“When I think of the Dover Greenway, I think nature, community, and fitness.  These concepts remain central to my core values.  Respecting nature endures as a fundamental value to the citizens of Dover and stands as the foundation of the Greenway.  The Greenway will link my family to our neighbors in town, creating a more cohesive community.  It allows us to slow down, breathe deeply, reflect, and connect with our neighbors.”

Imad Khanimad v2

Imad Khan is a pediatrician who has lived with his wife, Amna, and two children in Dover since 2006.

“Having lived near the town center and now living in the Donnelly area I see a Dover Greenway as a way for my family and neighbors to remain connected to the library, Caryl school and stores via a safe and easily negotiable trail.”


Alan MossMoss_AC v2

Alan Moss lives in Dover with his wife and two sons. He also tries to coach Dover-Sherborn soccer, and is a Cub Scout Leader.

“We love to walk or bike around town to take advantage of Dover’s natural resources, and this trail would connect all the town’s landmarks in a safe and friendly manner.”


TemiTemi Correll

Temi Correll grew up in Wellesley, MA, graduated from Noble & Greenough School, Vanderbilt University, and received her Dietietic training at San Diego State University and Simmons College.  She is a Registered Dietitian and worked at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary prior to raising her three children.  Temi moved to Dover in 1999 with her husband, Sean. They are busy coaching, volunteering for the Dover Sherborn schools, and keeping up with three kids, a dog and a bunny.


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