Why we believe in the Greenway Project

The Dover Greenway is a beautiful 3.7 mile stretch of what was previously the Bay Colony rail bed owned by the MBTA. It is no longer a functioning railway and has become overgrown and unused. The path is bordered by Needham on the northern end and by Medfield to the south. The Greenway makes its way through untouched conservation land passing fresh water streams and breathtaking landscape rarely seen by most who live in town as it travels north towards the Dover town center.

Once realized, the Greenway will connect now distant parts of town including the high school, middle school, town center and library, allowing people of all ages to travel safely along a recreational path without fear of roadway traffic. It is a huge untapped benefit to the town and its citizens.

The FDG proposal is to develop only Springdale Avenue to Hunt Drive, avoiding the tracks that run down Center Street, to the old trestle bridge.

For the Friends of the Dover Greenway, the path plays the important role of connecting people in town with currently distant sites and connecting people to one another. The Greenway builds community, friendship and allows Dover residents improved access to the outdoors, to wellness through exercise and to all of the natural beauty and other benefits the town has to offer.


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