Dover Greenway Essay by Chelsea Zhang

A community is a group of people who are connected, bounded, and united by something special. The word itself includes important roots, such as common, unite, and unit. A community consists of people with similar goals that are united together as one. A truly special community is one that its members are proud of, one that stands out from others, and one that can be used to represent every member in it. It’s a place where one feels safe and secure. A place where someone like me can be happy, and surrounded by unique individuals that have similar goals to the ones I have. My ideal community is one where I can recognize people that I can call my friends, my family, my supporters, my motivators, and even my opponents. A place that’s diverse, and makes me feel welcomed and loved. I can call any place a community, as long as it’s a place where I am constantly surrounded by others who care about me. And in return, I care about them. Being apart of a community is a strong and powerful thing; knowing that you are accepted and cared for by others brings a sense of security and protection to many people, including me. Someone’s community can be their neighborhood, their town, their state, or even something as small as their sports team. I am a member of many communities, including my school community, my swim team community, my neighborhood community, the Dover-Sherborn community, and many many more.

No matter what community, what every society strives for is to be more connected and united together, and adding the Dover Greenway helps Dover achieve that goal. By building this pathway, residents of Dover and other towns can come together and enjoy serene nature walks, while making new friends along the way! A community is a place where endless memories are made, and the greenway will instigate many wonderful memories for everyone, regardless of their age. The scenic route will add a sense of tranquility and peace to Dover, and provide a stress-free place where everyone can come together and enjoy some nice fresh air and exercise. Although not everyone is open the idea of a greenway, a strong united community is one where people are willing to compromise for one another, and these sacrifices are what make a community stronger.

The Dover greenway is a wonderful way to connect us together, as one strong community. It opens up many opportunities for making friends, and helps create a tightly knit community where everyone can feel welcomed and cared for. The 3.7 mile pathway will make Dover the quintessence of community, and everyone will feel embraced and surrounded by people who care for them. The Dover Greenway will bring families together to form better friendships, and create a stronger and closer community of people!