Thank You for Another Successful Vote

Dear Friends,

Wow, what an amazing few years it’s been!  We are humbled by the endurance you, the supporters, have shown during the “voting series” the rail trail has gone through. Yesterday’s vote was the fifth (yes, the fifth!) vote that the people of this town have taken in the past 8 years regarding the rail trail. No one can claim that Dover rushes into decisions!

We want to thank each of you who voted (in person or absentee), and who encouraged others to vote on what was a cold & rainy day.  A huge thank you to our sign holders who braved the weather in order to remind people to support the trail as they were entering the polling place.  Overall, we’ve had a huge level of support across the town for our Get Out The Vote campaign both this year and last – many of you put in a great deal of work:  This is your success!!

The Friends of the Greenway look forward to continuing our collaboration with Town Leadership and all constituent groups to make this trail happen in a way that balances the differering interests and remains aligned with what we all love most about living here.

More news from us in time about how you can continue to demonstrate your support, but for now, we just want to express our abiding gratitude to the people of this community.  We look forward to a day when we can meet each other on the Greenway with our families and enjoy the beautiful community by which we are surrounded!

Kudos to all of you!


The Friends of the Dover Greenway (FDG)