FDG Kiddos on the lawn

Thank You for Another Successful Vote

Dear Friends, Wow, what an amazing few years it’s been!  We are humbled by the endurance you, the supporters, have shown during the “voting series” the rail trail has gone through. Yesterday’s vote was the fifth (yes, the fifth!) vote that the people of this town have taken in the past 8 years regarding the rail…


A Message of Thanks

Another hurdle cleared and much more work to do, but today we simply express heartfelt gratitude to our community for the strong vote in support of the Greenway at last night’s town meeting. Thank You!      


The Facts Regarding Rail Trail Contamination – Lots of Hype But Not Much There

The health effects and potential liability associated with “rail trail contamination” is often cited as a reason to not convert the abandoned MBTA rail bed that traverses Dover into a mixed-use recreational trail referred to as “The Dover Greenway”. As three registered Massachusetts Licensed Site Professionals (“LSPs”) with more than 75 years of combined experience…


Greenway Inspiration

One of the many great things about working on the Greenway project has been the creativity Dover people have brought to bear. Here’s a small taste: Wonderful pictures from some young Greenway Fans: Quinn (7), Ella (9), and Caden (5) of the Healey family. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we’ll see you on the…