Beals & Thomas Feasibility Study

January 2016 Town Meeting

The Friends of the Dover Greenway raised over $40,000 through local, grassroots fundraising and donated the money to the
selectman to complete the rail trail study started by the town. Beals & Thomas, a multidiscipline consulting firm with rail trail
conversion experience, was contracted by the town to address highly technical engineering, legal and environmental issues.
Their report was presented at an Open Meeting at the Dover Town House on January 14, 2016.

Thank you to all the supporters of the Dover Greenway who attended the Beals & Thomas Open Meeting. The meeting was well
attended and provided an open forum for those with questions to become better informed on the benefits of the Greenway.
Beals & Thomas provided an insightful, unbiased feasibility report with thoughtful explanations addressing issues raised by
concerned Dover residents.

With the feasibility report on record and a Citizen’s Petition filed, the Friends of the Greenway invite you to join us in our efforts to
make the Greenway a reality.  Join us and…GET CONNECTED.