Moving Forward – An Update

We are delighted to see our neighbors in Medfield working toward completion of converting their segment of the Bay Colony Railroad into a rail trail. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to move the Dover Greenway project forward in Dover due to the MBTA and the Town of Dover being unable to agree to lease terms, and…


How Many People Will Use the Dover Greenway?

We have done the research and this infographic illustrates the traffic we expect on the Dover Greenway, if completed based on the FDGs recommendations. You can click here to review the reference that is noted at the bottom of the image.


The Dover Greenway is an Environmental Plus!

Three Dover residents, who are LSPs (Licensed Site Professionals), took it upon themselves to assess the current Dover Greenway proposal and provide feedback on voiced environmental concerns. This letter is their assessment…   Citizens of Dover are currently considering a proposal to convert the abandoned MBTA rail bed that traverses Dover into a mixed-use recreational trail,…


Get the REAL facts on Article 18

At the May 2, 2016 Town Meeting, citizens of Dover will be asked to vote to authorize the Board of Selectmen to enter into a lease to acquire rights to develop the abandoned rail bed that runs through our town, with the rail bed then being converted into a rail trail, or “Greenway.” These FAQs…


Beals & Thomas Feasibility Study

The Friends of the Dover Greenway raised over $40,000 through local, grassroots fundraising and donated the money to the selectman to complete the rail trail study started by the town. Beals & Thomas, a multidiscipline consulting firm with rail trail conversion experience, was contracted by the town to address highly technical engineering, legal and environmental issues.…